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The past, the present, and the future of every animate and inanimate being in our universe are defined by their interdependence with everything else. Our Earth’s web of life transports and transforms vital energy within and between Nature’s creatures. If any of these links are broken, Nature on any scale could be severely hampered or not operate at all. This short video summarizes the content of my blog site.


Human consciousness of Nature and the preservation of her interdependencies is essential for the survival of all life on Earth, including humanity. My conservation credo is:

  • Everything, including ourselves, is connected to everything else.
  • Conservation is the act of identifying and preserving these interconnections.
  • Hope for mankind comes from instilling a deep consciousness for this interconnectivity within our youth. 

I invite you to become an active participant in a dialog concerning the conservation of Nature’s web of life. You are invited to read my blog posts and offer your comments. My blog list can be seen by clicking on the “Blog Topics” menu item. These blogs are categorized by subject.

The “Environmental Education Essay List” menu item provides you with a list of all of my essays that focus only on environmental education. With these essays, I hope to create dialogs with many of the environmental educators who view this web site. 

Explore some of my video essays that reflect my experiences in Nature that have had a profound effect on my soul. You can see these videos by clicking the “My Video Essays” menu item.

And finally, you might want to learn a little about me. The “About Me” page also gives you the opportunity to contact me via email, Facebook, or Twitter. I would love to engage in a dialog with you.

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