Environmental Education Resources

This page contains an ever expanding list of blog posts, ordered by publication dates, that might be of particular interest to environmental educators who are developing teaching material. The material might be particularly useful for:

  • Developing your own instruction material.
  • Assigning one blog to a student or a team where more Internet research is done by the team and a presentation is made to the class. 
  • Use a blog to do a debate about a specific environmental or conservation  issue noted in a blog.

You might also be interested in checking out a broader series of blogs on various subjects that relate to Nature. You can find this set of well over 100 blogs in the “Blog Posts” menu item in the header of this page.

You are welcome to use any of this material without restriction as long as it is used for environmental education. Your feedback about how you are using any of this material would be greatly appreciated by sending me a message using the email form in the “About Me” section of this blog site.

In addition to the use of my blogs for your work, I offer specific lesson sets on connections in Nature using Socratic seminar styles in the classroom and hands-on, in-place field work in Nature. Please click this link to view information about downloading the lesson sets without cost.