The Force That Drives Nature

Energy is the driving force within the entire Universe. Energy is the currency by which all animate and inanimate objects in the Universe operate. Life would not be possible without energy. The photographic images in this book offer a perceptual interaction between your inner self and the energy of Nature. Your being will begin to feel and comprehend the essence, the vitality, and the critical importance of all energy in our environment. You will begin to understand why it is crucial to preserve those connections that transport Nature's energy.

The eBook contains 50 beautiful full page images and nine essays that will help you build your knowledge about Nature's flow of energy. In addition to acquiring a growing consciousness of Nature, you will begin to gain an appreciation for how you are connected to Nature's energy and everything else on this planet.

High school student, Zarina Vásquez Zazueta, says this about the book:

"Bill Graham has made something that none of the other nature writers could have done. He made me interested in the matters of nature. The photos in this book showed me, the reader how beautiful and precise nature can be. It shows the reader not just photos of birds but also from different part of the nature itself.

The essays are short in matter of length .But they are very specific and easy to read and comprehend. The way that Graham talks about nature in this book makes you want to know more about it and take care of it.

I highly recommend this book not just because you want to know more about nature. How it can captivate you as someone how may or may not be interested in learning more about this huge and great topic. Also I recommend this book to students. Because the information in the book could help in the students in science classes .And teach them the importance of nature."

An Amazon reader says the following about this book:

"Bill Graham has synthesized the science of energy and the beauty of nature into an accessible resource that could serve both individuals or classrooms. The fine photos of animals, many birds, water, are left open-ended: we can view them, apply concepts to them, see them as examples of the dynamics of nature, or enjoy them as artful expression, all without the author's imposition. Interspersed with the photos, Graham gives brief and succinct insight into the many aspects of Energy. He talks of the "connecting force", which creates interconnectedness between all life on our planet. He refers to "flow systems", which can be witnessed in patterns that repeat in lungs, roots, branches, water. He describes the various "faces" of energy, with kinetic and potential as the bases. And, embedded in the text, are links to videos that demonstrate some of the concepts that he presents. The videos that Graham chooses are dramatic examples of these concepts, and valuable in and of themselves. Throughout, he continues to assert the importance of our protection of the forms, the order, the "adjacent possible" of Energy, of its manifestations on the planet. The message of conservationism is foremost, backed by science, with ideas of how to engage young people in a renewed nature consciousness. This ebook would be a valuable asset to mid- and high school classrooms. It holds many possibilities for discussion, for writing topics, for applying the course material of a science program in a dynamic way."

This book is one of a continuing series of eBooks and photo essays that portray and discuss the importance of patterns and connections in Nature. All of the books in this series are designed for anyone who seeks a deeper consciousness of Nature and may include students, educators, survivalists, thinkers, and those who wish to acquire a powerful message for themselves and to be spoken to others. The books will also be useful in supporting environmental education and energy conservation programs for most age groups. They will tie in nicely with programs on natural history and ecology.

To offer you stunning high resolution photographic imagery and well formatted text, all of Bill Graham's Kindle eBooks are designed, formatted, and tested using the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD readers as well as all of the free downloadable versions of Amazon Kindle readers for the PC, Mac, and Android tablet or phone. The readers are available for download by Amazon.

Bill Graham is a scientist, educator, Nature photographer, author, and blogger who focuses on describing and portraying patterns in Nature. He has worked in the US and Mexico for 30 years. He is a student of Nature, an educator, a researcher, a writer, and a Nature photographer . In addition to writing books, Bill blogs on the subject of patterns in Nature, works on conservation projects, oversees an environmental education program for local schools, and conducts special programs for talented Mexican youth.

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  • Welcome - How To Use This Book
  • Prologue - Energy Is Nature's Connecting Force
  • Energy In Motion
  • Order And Disorder
  • The Adjacent Possible
  • The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts
  • The Many Faces Of Energy
  • Energy Is Always Changing
  • Energy Creates Everything
  • Epilogue - The Vital Link
  • About The Author

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