The Abstract Beauty Of Nature : A Glimpse Into Her Character

The Abstract Beauty Of Nature:

A Glimpse Into Her Character

Nature can be wonderfully abstract. Her beauty gives us the opportunity to free ourselves from our logical mind, engage our aesthetic being, and enjoy the senses within our perceptive self. Nature can be a contemplative journey where we enjoy our senses as light reveals shape, color, contrast, and texture. We are free from naming or describing anything.

This little book is a collection of 50 images captured from patterns in Nature. The only text you will read is in the prologue -- for good reason. The images are meant to appeal to your feelings rather than your thoughts. It isn’t important what the object might be or where the image was captured. There is no need for titles, explanations, or naming of what something is.

What will emerge is the contemplative side of your being. Start by setting aside your past and your future. Acquire a quiet spirit and focus only on the present moment. Then, engage the abundance and richness of Nature without giving it labels. Look for her character. Enjoy color, shape, tone, and texture. Feel the energy. Become an integral part of a whole.

Amazon reader DM says the following about this book:

"Bill Graham has produced a wonderful book in The Abstract Beauty of Nature: A Glimpse Into Her Character. There is text only in the form of a prologue and a thank you at the end of the book. The photography is incredible and inspired. I imagine that I, like many others, would look at this book as a pretty book of nature pictures. This is how I first viewed the book but I read it again, paying heed to the prologue. This book was designed to appeal to one's feelings. Your mind seems to ask where this is, or what this is, but to view it through Bill's eyes opens a whole new dimension. As I reread this book (as I have done many times) I feel different things each time I view it. Some of the patterns are blatant and others are very discreet but all fill my soul with wonder. Bill has done an outstanding job of helping me connect with nature through this book and I am eager to read more of his publications. "

This photo essay is one of an continuing series of eBooks about patterns in Nature and their life sustaining interrelationships . Bill Graham is a scientist, educator, Nature photographer, author, and blogger who focuses on describing and portraying patterns in Nature.

This eBook is in the Amazon Kindle Fire HD format and can be viewed from your Kindle Fire HD device or from your computer screen using the free PC, Mac, and Android tablet or phone versions of the Kindle Reader that is available for download by Amazon.

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