A Letter To My Students

What you are about to read is a personal letter that I have sent to each of my 20 students who are attending their final year of high school  at Bachillerato Anáhuac  in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico. These young people are incredibly bright and focused. My passion is to spend this year instilling a deep consciousness for Nature that will help them survive what they will be facing in their future. Here is what I wrote to them:


“To My Dear Students:

In 2050, you will be about 50 years old. Your children will be 25 or 30 years old. Unless you, your family, and many other humans can influence the size of the human population and significantly modify humanity’s mistreatment of Nature, you will be living in dangerous times.

By 2050, the human population will have grown from the present 6 billion people to 9 billion people. To feed 9 billion people, every hectare of useable land in the world will be used to produce food. And, in order to more efficiently meet the food energy needs of this huge population, the production of livestock for human consumption will need to be severely reduced or stopped all together.

Wars will break out over the control of land. The structure of societies will need to be altered. Survival strategies will replace the ethics that we grew up with.

How do we prepare ourselves to protect ourselves, our families, and generations to come?

The answer lies on your shoulders and no one else. You are the first generation of mature and wise adults who will face this terrible crisis. The decisions about the future of your earth and humanity rest with you.

The right decisions require wisdom, critical thinking skills, and a solid knowledge about how Nature operates. It doesn’t matter what career you choose, you and your children need to be armed with these skills in order to face the crisis that may happen around 2050. It is my job to help you gain some wisdom, some critical thinking skills, and some knowledge about Nature that will equip you.

I am 78 years old and may live another 10 years. You guys are my legacy. My passion is to pass on to you what I know with the hope that you will do something to alter or prevent the events of 2050 from taking place.”



My name is Bill Graham. As a Marine Biologist who has worked in the US and Mexico for 30 years, I am a student of Nature, a teacher, a researcher, and a nature photographer. Through my work, I have acquired an ever growing passion for how everything in Nature is connected. Today, I travel extensively contemplating about, writing about, and photographing Nature’s connections. I also work with conservation projects in the USA and Mexico and mentor talented youth.

2 Responses to “A Letter To My Students”

  1. You are doing wonderful work! I love it.

  2. sunnylady says:

    May your students listen and take your words to heart!

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