Idaho Tactical Hunters Kill As Many Wolves As They Can.

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Instead of sharing a number of Internet articles this week, I want to share a priceless parody and commentary on  macho Idaho wolf hunters. Sadly, every implication is true. This is being reposted with permission from blogger Rick Merill who posts a lot of great information on apex predators. I love what he regularly presents to us. Please visit his blog.

One of Rick’s readers sent him an email which sarcastically (but truthfully) poked at Idaho hunters. Rick explains” 

One of our Blog readers has a knack for parody and outright sarcasm as it relates to the State Of Idaho seemingly consumed with the need to kill as many Wolves as they possibly can. Does anyone do any legitimate work in Idaho? Does anyone bother to read in Idaho? You would think that you are watching a Science Fiction film about invaders from Mars when you read the daily diatribe against Wolves that is published, broadcast and “tabletop talked” at saloons and taverns across this State on a daily basis. To be fair, Americans of all stripes have certain concerns about living wild animals in their midst. But just as fair, many of these same Americans are at least willing to open their minds a bit about co-existence with “The Creator’s” other carnivorous creatures.The movie NOAH, starring Russell Crowe is coming out in a few weeks. If there is a God or Gods or a Force that is responsible for all living  things on this Planet(for each of us to have our own thoughts and beliefs yea and nay on this matter), “he, she or it” seems to have wanted all of life’s creation to “spread their wings, multiply and take their rightful place in the circle of life. Biodiversity with the creatures that bite, sting, growl and roar were allowed on Noah’s Ark just like those creatures that mewed, purred and neighed. WAKE UP FELLOW IDAHO NEIGHBORS,AND ALL OF YOU OTHER AMERICANS WHO ARE SO QUICK TO KILL WHEN IT COMES TO DEALING WITH CARNIVORES IN OUR MIDST. The Wolves, Pumas, Bears, Coyotes, Wolverines, Foxes, Alligators, Sharks, et al. merit their place alongside us. If we want the most robust gene pool and “planet potential positive” conditions for ourselves and future generations, then we do need to retain and nurture all of the “cogs and wheels”, not just those we want to hunt, eat, pet or farm. Thank you Annonymous Blog Reader for your “tongue-in-cheek” take on our Wolf crazed Idaho neighbors. May they (and all of us) wake up and embrace all of life around us. REMEMBER, ONCE AN ORGANISM IS GONE, IT IS GONE AND WE NEVER CAN BRING EM BACK–WE HAVE EXTERMINATED TOO MANY OF CREATURES ALREADY—NO MORE CARNAGE!

Then, from his anonymous blog reader, Rick treats us to this priceless but very sick parody:

Long Range Tactical hunters join State and Federal officials in hunt for killer wolf in Sun Valley.  OK folks. I still have tears running downWolfHunt_1 my cheeks – not from crying but from laughing so hard. I see that Idaho For Wildlife have sent in Delta Force hunters to take out wolves west of Hailey, Idaho.

You see in Idaho hunters are not just run of the mill hunters. Our Idaho hunters, especially those who belong to anti-wolf groups like Idaho For Wildlife or Save Western Wildlife, are known as, now here goes, Long Range Tactical Hunters.

Yes, because this wolf is so aggressive as to have killed a “baby horse” and attacked two dogs, we have some of Idaho elite hunters after the wolf NOT TO MENTION, Wildlife Services in an airplane circling over head to instill “shock and awe” into this wolf. I am amazed that Wildlife Services hasn’t employed these elite gunmen decades ago but I guess I didn’t know that such men existed except in our military.

I do know that they have a non-fiction book entitled Warrior Dreams that wannabee “Long Range Tactical Hunters” should read, if they know how. I read the book and realized that I am just about the right age to become one of these tactical specimens because they normally are baby-boomer age with gray hair, large bellies and beards of various sorts.

Camo is what they wear from morning til night often with headgear labeled NRA and have slogans on their diesels talking about “Smoke-A-Pack-A-Day” which I assume are Lucky Strikes.

WolfHunt_2Now I don’t know if you’ve seen any of Idaho’s “Long Range Tactical Hunters” or not but usually they drive big diesel pickups with ATVs in the back and wear camo clothes, carry guns on their hips, ankles, and in shoulder holsters along with larger automatic weapons with banana clips slung over their shoulders but seldom walk if they can ride their ATVs, Rhinos or snow machines – of course all with silent engines in “stealth mode” when in pursuit of wolves so as not to scare them when they sneak up on them.

You can kind of get the pulse beat of this operation when you read the attached email from this anti-wolf group – people putting $100 bills on their windshield and all. You see “Long Range Tactical Hunters” take this hunting serious in Idaho, especially when the animal is a non-Native, gigantic, mega Canuck wolf from way up North in Canada where wolves run in packs – this in contrast to the normal coyote-size wolves that hunted rabbits as solitary animals and lived in harmony with ranchers before the wolf reintroduction.

These oversized, bloodthirsty wolves that were reintroduced and hunt baby horses because of their genetic inclination for “reflex sport-killing take real men to hunt them down”. Whiskey and beer are often part of the tactical teams tool chest and helps fuel their courage until they can hit a steakhouse to “beef up” for tomorrow’s hunt. I wish I had video footage of these athletic “Long Range Tactical Hunters” storming the hillsides around Hailey but this operation is covert because these men don’t want other average, run-of-the-mill hunters seeing their tactics in action.

Never before in history have Wildlife Services and Idaho’s “Long Range Tactical Hunters” teamed up to go after wolves before but WolfHunt_3with Governor Otters $2 million “wolf kill bill” funded for years to come I am guessing these men will probably introduce drones into the equation too, except I heard that Wildlife Services were going to take their marbles and go home if drones got in the way of their airplanes and helicopters.

Well, I have to reread this email one more time because my doctor tells me that hysterical laughing is really good for blood pressure and health and now that my eyes have cleared up from my last uncontrollable chuckles, I’m ready to risk it one more time.

Don’t hesitate to share this with others, but realize, we take wolf killin’ seriously in Idaho, so if anybody thinks they want to come and hunt for this wolf, I think they should at least be X Marines, X Navy Seals, or X Rangers because that would be the only kind of men/women that could match the caliber (no pun intended) of our “LONG RANGE TACTICAL HUNTERS” in Idaho.

WolfHunt_4PS – as IdahoForWolves says: “Hopefully this dangerous wolf will be brought down soon!”

More commentary:

Year after year, Idaho demonstrates its intolerance for wolves. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, while tasked with preserving all of Idaho’s wildlife, continues to ratchet up hunting, trapping and snaring pressure on Idaho’s diminishing wolf population.

My name is Bill Graham. As a Marine Biologist who has worked in the US and Mexico for 30 years, I am a student of Nature, a teacher, a researcher, and a nature photographer. Through my work, I have acquired an ever growing passion for how everything in Nature is connected. Today, I travel extensively contemplating about, writing about, and photographing Nature’s connections. I also work with conservation projects in the USA and Mexico and mentor talented youth.

15 thoughts on “Idaho Tactical Hunters Kill As Many Wolves As They Can.”

  1. Sorry Rick, not even a well-developed sense of irony can make me laugh at any of this information.
    I live immediately north of Idaho, and we have been pleased to know that some wolves have been coming back into our area. Hopefully Homeland Security will turn them back at the border if they try to head south.
    This is an unbelievable atrocity. I guess I should thank you for letting me know what my neighbours to the south are up to, but for now I am sorry that an otherwise lovely day has just turned sour.

    1. I’m with you Jackie. It is not a joke. But, crazy people like this exist and much of the wolf story is about those who think killing is macho. To be fair, I must also point out that there has been a lot of illegal hunting going on in British Columbia as well. I note the unlicensed killing of many Caribou along route 37. I also received a report that one hunter trespassed on private property in BC in order to kill an older wolf that was under the care of a family of humans. Just for “fun”. Sadly, it seems that the mentality of the crazy nuts in Idaho has crossed into your beautiful country.

    2. I wanted to add one more thing regarding Jackie’s comment, but addressed to everyone. Jackie portrayed her disgust over the situation in Idaho. I am grateful to Jackie for making her true feelings known. I hope her comment will result in more displays of disgust over both trophy hunting by irresponsible hunters and so-called “wildlife management” by government authorities who are being led by the nose by the agricultural community. This epidemic of illegal and irresponsible hunting has spread through many parts of the USA and Canada. Some of it is the result of budget cuts which result in little or no enforcement. I’m told that is is the case in many parts of Canada. So folks, please get mad about this and let us know your feelings.


  3. These wolf that you have seen being killed are not indigenous to Idaho. The wolf population during the 1800 were were almost extinct because no body liked the big bad wolf. But as time went on regulation came on to protect the wolves and they started to gain numbers. in the 1980 liberals in D.C decide the wolves were not coming back fast enough so they went to Canada where they had an over population of wolves.THESE WOLVES WERE NATIVE TO CANADA BUT NOT TO THE STATES. they introduced the non native wolf to Idaho in the sawtooth mountain range about 20 years after the they introduce these wolf the native population of the timber wolf has almost gone extinct in Idaho with an estimated of only 1 pack left. THAT IS WHY PEOPLE ARE KILLING THESE WOLVES. ALONG with the size difference from the native wolves they are destroying the elk and deer populations

    1. Sir or madam, I thank you for your comment:

      Since this is an open dialog, I am delighted to hear from one of those who thinks all of this is OK. It gives the rest of us a picture of the state of mind of these folks. To assume that wolves know and respect national/international borders begs for proof. And, to tell us that deer and elk populations are rapidly declining because of the wolves also begs for some real proof. The only thing that I do know for certainty is that historically the wolves almost everywhere were eradicated by hunters with guns and bows and not by the biologists who are armed with numbers and facts. The pictures of these hunters with their prey is telling. By the way, in your heading the word “care” is spelled “care” not “car”!!!

  4. @William Graham
    “I also received a report that one hunter trespassed on private property in BC in order to kill an older wolf that was under the care of a family of humans. ”

    Unusual story, can you tell me any more about this? Email me privately if you prefer

    1. Hi Sue: Thanks for your comment. THis happened about 5-7 years ago. It was my habit to visit Alaska every year driving my camper north from Mexico. I always drove Route 37 in British Columbia because there was usually a lot of wildlife. It was my habit to talk to the Canadian road crews (especially the flag people) about animal locations. These people knew the area well and had recent and reliable knowledge. One year, I encountered much less wildlife and was puzzled. The road crews told me that there was a lot of unlawful hunting going on because the government budget for game wardens was very low. The entire 400 mile length of route 37 through wonderful forests was the jurisdiction of only one game warden. Enforcement was impossible. As a result, illegal hunting thrived. The incident regarding the old wolf was told to me by a construction crew flag lady who lived in the area. The old wolf lived at her house, integrated well with her dogs, and was considered a family member. Illegal hunters trespassed her property and shot the wolf. She was close to tears as she told me the story. So was I. I was in total shock that Canada had such poor enforcement of their game laws. It was a very sad summer for me as I saw the evidence of no enforcement all the way up to the Arctic Ocean.

  5. For starters the pictures are of coyotes in tha the back of the pickup. You must have gotten your degree online. This is really not worth my time responding to an old discussion, but stupid captions get me going.
    People screwed up the whole balance of nature and now are responsible for aiding nature when needed. This includes keeping predator populations in check. Without sportsmen there would be no animals for you to hug, squeeze, and cottle from your comfortable computer chair. Once people started to inhabit the west, all large animals suffered. Bison, elk, deer and wild turkey were all but gone. With efforts of people like Teddy Roosevelt and Aldo Leopold, as well as the formation of game and fish organizations within states, and more recently conservation groups(pheasants forever, wild turkey federation,
    Ducks unlimited, friends of the NRA, rocky mountain elk Foundation and many more) wildlife has been saved and conserved. The common thred between the people and groups is to make sure every generation has the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife and maintain a healthy population that allows harvesting animals. I personally feed my family 90pct wild game and am a life member of the NRA and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. With donations like these millions of acres of land have been purchased to keep transplant city yuppies from encroaching on more habitat with their homes with a view of “WILDERNESS”. Millions more acres of habitat restoration has occured because of money generated from hunters and sportsmen than anti hunting groups.

    I challenge you to prove me wrong.
    I also challenge you to keep up Wyeth this beer bellied steak eater in the mountains to see true nature, not just from a computer screen.
    I have many facts to back me up.
    I just sent Rmef $1000 for the year.. when was the last time you gave time or money towards conservation?
    I’m sure you will pull this post as always happens when I try to defend sportsmen.
    Please prove to me that anti hunters have done more for wildlife than have hunters and I’ll stop hunting.
    Until then i’m going to drink a beer with the meal of elk steak I’ve prepared that I harvested on Rmef purchased land.

    1. Thank you for your comments. This is a forum where both sides of any conservation issue are welcomed. So, while I do not agree with everything that you say, I am happy to include your comments so that my entire group of followers are able to read your views and comment if they so desire. You have chosen to write your comments into this blog site that is frequented by environmental educators and professional biologists like myself. Many of these folks are experts with extensive field experience on the subjects you have presented. So, I am sure that you will respectfully welcome their comments.

      I apologize for the mislabeled coyote picture but the message of the picture was the horror of trophy hunting. Since you say that you are a subsistence hunter, I am certainly not putting you into the category of the trophy hunters. Personally, I have no problems with subsistence hunting as long as it is truly subsistence hunting. Where I would like to focus my remarks to you is on the idea of hunting quotas and your remarks about hunters providing conservation services.

      It is a well established fact that mankind cannot predict the actions of Nature with any accuracy. All forms of Nature are living systems. As I am sure you are aware, you cannot predict the weather with any accuracy after one or two weeks. This is because weather is a highly complex system that is driven by many unpredictable factors. Nature’s ecosystems, such as elk populations, have the same problem. Random factors such as weather, food availability, and predation intensity affect the size of elk herds. Yet, those government officials that establish elk quotas think that they have the ability to predict elk herd sizes. It is a proven fact that Nature’s ecosystems are NOT predictable or controllable by mankind. The fact is that elk quotas are simply based on estimates that may be right or may be wrong. “Harvesting” elk based on dubious data is simply bad conservation practice. Obviously, you care deeply about the environment and are convinced that you killing elk helps the environment. With regret, I disagree. You cannot do only what Nature can do.

      As you may know, Nature has very efficient ways of controlling her own environments when Nature is left alone to do Her work. The Yellowstone wolf story is an excellent example of Nature’s way of controlling elk. I strongly urge you to view the video, “Lords of Nature” [ ] where you can see how Nature achieves healthy equilibrium without the hand of man. The story began around 1900 when hunters were allowed to kill off the Yellowstone wolves. Around 1990, the government reversed their position and banned wolf hunting around Yellowstone. From that point on Nature, all by herself, brought the ecosystem back into equilibrium. Nature did what hunters could not do. These are the facts !!! With respect, these are well established scientific data that shows what Nature can do without human hunters.

      I want to thank you for your comments. I am hoping that other readers will join in this discussion.

  6. I find it hilarious that we (hunters) are refered to as dumb hicks, bloodthirsty killers, and psychopaths. Yet there are anti hunters constantly making death threats towards us, like marissa did. And another thing, the hamburger and steaks that you buy at the grocery store, how do you think they are raised? And thats more ethical than hunting? Or how about the zoos? Thats ok with you people, because you get to go see the animals, but thats more ethical than hunting? And what about the huge cities you live in? You do know thousands of animals were killed due to loss of habitat right? Look at the states that have made hound hunting illegal. The cougars going into populated areas more often is directly related to hound hunting being shut down. Predators, if not hunted, lose their fear of humans. Idiots

    1. Hi Chris: Thank you for sharing your point of view. I am very pleased that recently some hunters are expressing their views on this blog site. I agree with some of what you have said. My big gripe comes with trophy hunters. They create ill will for hunters and hunting by displaying those macho pictures of their kills especially when they kill many, like the wolves.I have no problem with subsistence hunting because that is what Nature is all about. I have a bigger problem with government conservation organizations who calculate and set hunting quotas. It has been shown that it is impossible to predict Nature. Yet these guys seem to think that they have some magic that lets them predict how many animals hunters can kill while still maintaining ecological equilibrium.

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