Raindrops To Rivers Revisited

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“… for artists, the question is often more important than the answer, and often the answer doesn’t exist… The arts and humanities offer the sciences an essential store of other ideas, images, metaphors, and language… Such images and metaphors arise both from direct sensual experience and from the language of artists who portray that experience… The most important gift the sciences and the arts offer each other is a recognition and synthesis of their different approaches to thinking, their different ways of being in the world.”  – Alan Lightman

We humans have the gift of expressing ourselves through many media including art, photography, poetry, and essays.  Occasionally, an artist reads one of my blog posts or sees some of my photographic images on the Internet and contacts me for permission to paint a certain picture. I always give my permission because I believe that Nature’s first voice to we humans is an aesthetic voice. I’ve emphasized in previous posts that Nature first speaks to us through our perceptual (aesthetic) senses before speaking to us spiritually or logically.  

Artist David Coffin  was inspired to offer his perceptions on the theme of my recent blog post “From Raindrops To Rivers” . David recently sent me four of his paintings on this theme. I am delighted that he has permitted me to share them with you. Thank you David for sharing your wonderful work with us. 

Please let David and I know how you feel about his work by offering your comments in the space provided after David’s paintings.




My name is Bill Graham. As a Marine Biologist who has worked in the US and Mexico for 30 years, I am a student of Nature, a teacher, a researcher, and a nature photographer. Through my work, I have acquired an ever growing passion for how everything in Nature is connected. Today, I travel extensively contemplating about, writing about, and photographing Nature’s connections. I also work with conservation projects in the USA and Mexico and mentor talented youth.

3 thoughts on “Raindrops To Rivers Revisited”

    1. Thanks for your positive response!……. originals are 13″ x 19″. If interested, prints of larger sizes are available on:



  1. I see in David’s paintings your descriptive words, Bill – rivulets to streams to gullies, eventually to the sea – the transforming of the land into an endless array of patterns. The painting in blues and greens most speaks to me of the water cycle. Thanks to both of you for sharing this rather random collaboration.

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